p00tw6t3It’s a simple concept ‘UK waste, UK resource’

And it’s always been the same, the closer you can deal with the waste to where it originates, the better….

Tyres have been a problem waste ever since they were invented and will continue to be as long as we continue using road going vehicles. Black-Ram believes in taking a Life Cycle Analysis approach to the solution, involving stakeholders in the supply chain and taking hold of that responsibility to deal with the problem head on.

We’ve featured on BBC’s Panorama speaking out against the waste crime of illegal exports and we’ve been working closely with the Environment Agency and Government ministers to develop UK based recycling and markets for recycled tyre products.

As founding members of the TBA (Tyre Bale Association) we run a Civil Engineering division – design, supply, install – tyre bales in large scale ground engineering works. From free-draining embankments to complete rubber roads for access, we’ve released the potential from a problem waste to a versatile & resilient building material.