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Recovering Energy Steel Carbon Black Rubber From Tyres

How does Black-Ram work?

The ultimate low carbon recovery process

Tyre Collection

We book your collection on a date that suits you

Paper Free

Digital Waste Transfer Note and electronic invoice issued

Smart Shredding

Steel magnetically removed from rubber

Renewable Fuel

Tyre chips sent for energy recovery

We are always expanding

Garages Serviced


  • Black-Ram runs a fleet of vehicles to suit your tyre collection needs. Our service covers the Midlands, South West and South Wales. Give us a call to see if we cover your area and join our growing list of happy customers!
  • Investing in our fleet of vehicles, driver training and customer service at Head Office, we’ll push to get your tyres collected as quickly, and with as little disruption, as possible.

Circular Economy

Tyre recycling embodies the principles of a circular economy, where materials are kept in use for as long as possible, and waste is minimised. Tyre recycling maximises resource efficiency and minimises environmental impact, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

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Zero Waste

100% of rubber and steel recycled

Experienced Team

Helpful and friendly team with 60+ years experience

Regular collection

Frequent and flexible across the region

Pole Position

Servicing over 1,104 garages in the South-West

Eldan 2 stage "Tyre Chipping" process

Black-Ram has invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology, partnering with Eldan Recycling, to develop one of the most efficient production lines for tyre-chip in Europe. Our two production lines gives us significant redundancy to carry out routine maintenance, rotating the servicing between machines on a daily basis, but also giving us the capacity to ramp up production when required.

  • Black-Ram is the second largest producer of 30mm tyre chips in the UK
  • The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) estimate that in 2023 75% of UK tyres were baled and exported to India for illegal pyrolysis.
  • Black-Ram processes 100% of tyres collected at our site in Highbridge, giving you peace of mind that the environmental disposal fee you have paid for your tyre, is being spent responsibly, recovering as much value as we can here in the UK.
Based on more than a decade of testing

Tyres as an alternative fuel



Tyre Derived Fuel


Our process uses 15x less energy than we create

Energy Recovered


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Steel and Rubber Separation

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    Useful Links


    Black-Ram Recycling – Tyre Shredding System 117198
    This Tyre Recycling Plant was supplied by Eldan Recycling and commissioned in March 2021. At the time of commissioning this plant doubled the processing capacity for Black-Ram Recycling Ltd. enabling complete coverage of the South West, creating employment and improving our regional responsibility for waste. It is part-funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development..